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About Us


 Mantle Consulting Group is a subdivision of Mantle Mineral Resources (Pvt.) Ltd., Operating under the laws of the Country of   Zimbabwe.  As Zimbabwe strategically positions itself to retake its leadership role on our African continent as a major hub for trade in Southern Africa, it has given birth to a new generation of Mining Companies and Dynamic Consulting Services Groups. As Zimbabwe seeks to redirect its strategies, MCG is a company born of that vision effectively working towards providing in-country contributions to Zimbabwe’s Mineral Trade, Economic Growth, Policy and Development Processes. MCG is primarily a Consulting firm that provides Consulting, Financial Advisory Services and Economic and Trade Development Strategies to the Public and Private Sector within the Mining and Energy Sectors. Mantle Consulting Group works in collaboration with numerous developmental partners across industries, partnering with Governments, the Private Sector, Civil Society and Communities in various areas which include enabling and supporting economic development to strengthen local capacity building, contributing to policy formulation issues and promoting regional, small scale/enterprise development and international trade and investment.


To Facilitate Sustainable Business, Economic Development and Growth by assisting International & Domestic Businesses to resolve their most critical issues while harnessing newly arisen opportunities.


Demonstrate a “One Team” attitude with our clients with a Leadership focus on achieving targets while growing revenue streams.


Our Team is Uniquely Positioned for Your Success: Partnered with several Local and International Industry Experts. We are energetic about supporting and challenging our clients in equal measure. We are passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do. Mantle endeavors to implement its own unique culture and approach to deliver enduring results, true to each client’s specific situation. Mantle is committed to fulfilling our client’s aspirations and working to understand their reality to align our incentives with their objectives.

Mantle continually seeks to do the right thing by our clients, and our communities by introducing critical and strategic matters relating to Trade and Investment, Policy Formulation and Capacity building for the Economic Development of African Economies.